We represent specialist physicians and surgeons in BC.

We work to ensure specialists have a clear voice that is understood and respected, within Doctors of BC and government.

As a specialist, we encourage you to become a member of both Doctors of BC and Specialists of BC. With your support, we can stand up for the priorities of our specialty groups and help create a positive future for specialty care in BC.


If you are already a Doctors of BC member and want to join Specialists of BC now:

Log in to your account on the Doctors of BC website    Then you can choose to become a member of Specialists of BC and pay your dues online, receiving $100 off your 2018 membership cost!

To join Doctors of BC, click here to download their membership form.

Once complete, 

  1. send it to Doctors of BC by email, fax or mail as noted on the form
  2. After you’re signed up, you’ll be sent membership and payment details by Doctors of BC
  3. You will also be invited to log in to the Doctors of BC website, where you can pay your dues and choose to become a member of Specialists of BC

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