Consultant Specialists of BC: for you and your patients

  • We strive to represent all BC Specialist physicians, advocating for fee for service and non-FFS doctors
  • We are an independent organization, separate from Doctors of BC (for all physicians), individual Specialty sections (tasked with Specialty-specific issues), and BC Family Doctors (the sister organization for our FD colleagues).
  • We are the only organization positioned to engage on broad issues affecting Specialty care in BC.
  • We represent Specialist physicians and surgeons on Doctors of BC and government committees.
  • We create awareness of the value medical, surgical and diagnostic Specialists provide.
  • We foster understanding of shared responsibility for the care of all patients in the province
  • We promote inter-Specialty understanding and development of informed advocacy positions
  • We advocate for the Specialist perspective and issues critical to the provision of Specialty care to Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors, College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and joint committees with government

By joining Consultant Specialists of BC, you will:

  • Get help navigating the non-clinical aspects of practicing as a Specialist

  • Strengthen our advocacy efforts for fair compensation and optimal practice environments for Specialists

  • Learn about medicopolitical opportunities
  • Inform the future direction of healthcare for your patients with Specialists as active participants
  • Find a unique forum to discuss and debate issues of importance to Specialty care
  • Ensure that Consultant Specialists of BC remains a viable organization to advocate on your behalf

Join the Consultant Specialists of BC now

Click here to login with your Doctors of BC ID number and password. Scroll down to Consultant Specialists of BC, hit the plus sign and check off the appropriate dues category, then tap Join the Selected Sections and Societies box and go to Checkout to make a secure credit card payment.