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Dear Specialist Colleague:

Winter is over, the flowers are up, COVID restrictions are easing, and our minds are starting to drift to summer plans! The Consultant Specialists of BC (cSBC) continues to work on your behalf to advocate for BC Specialists, our working conditions and our patients. Please read on for updates on key issues affecting your practice.

Economics Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC) – in conjunction with Doctors of BC Economics, this committee is taking an in-depth look at financial matters affecting Specialists. Disparity assessment remains an important issue for many Specialties. EPAC has been meeting monthly to craft recommendations for consideration by our Council (Board of Directors) to assist in the disparity award process in the upcoming Physician Master Agreement.

Referral systems We continue to advocate for creating a referral system that works for all stakeholders – patients, referring practitioners, Consulting Specialists, and MSP. The existing system is antiquated, administratively burdensome, and out of touch with the realities of present-day practice, especially the multidisciplinary collaborative care required by BC’s most complex patients. We hope to have more to update you on in the early fall.

cSBC renewal We are implementing changes recommended by the 2020/2021 Renewal Working Group (RWG) to modernize cSBC and ensure a sustainable organization that provides balanced representation for all Specialties. Accordingly, two bylaw amendments will be brought to the AGM for consideration. The first permits virtual meetings and updates terminology. The second reflects the voting changes recommended by the RWG for Council meetings, which would allow each section one vote and restrict Executive members to tie breakers.

Specialist terminology You will have noted the latest CPSBC call-out for Specialist feedback regarding the use of the Specialist terminology ( The College has been clear that they want to hear from individual Specialists and patients on this issue. cSBC had not been in favor of these changes. Deadline for your feedback is May 10, 2022.

Website The initial refreshing of the website is done. The Executive is considering future expansion of the website to serve as a resource hub for medico-political and other useful links for practicing Specialists. If you want your picture on the homepage, we welcome high resolution photos of you at work.

Physician Master Agreement Doctors of BC and government are now actively engaged in negotiation of the next PMA. Negotiations remain confidential until a tentative agreement is reached. We hope to have an update from Paul Straszak, the chief negotiator, in the next few months.

Committee positions Click the links and/or email [email protected] for more info:
Doctors of BC Council on Health Economics and Policy (CHEP) cSBC representative: we need three nominees by May 10, 2022
Tariff Committee applications due May 10, 2022

Kind regards,

Dr Chris Hoag