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The Healthcare Crisis and a Call to Action!

Consultant Specialists of BC Snapshot sent on behalf of Dr Chris Hoag, President


Dear Specialist colleagues:


Over the summer, I have received communications from many of you about your ongoing struggles in providing patient care and your concerns that Specialist voices are not being heard, as well as a raft of emails and calls since the most recent Doctors of BC President’s Letter on the Primary Care Stabilization Funding and Payment Model Reform.


The current healthcare crisis affects all aspects of our healthcare system. We are seeing unprecedented waitlists for consultative and surgical services, crushing burdens of unpaid administrative work, pervasive burnout and moral distress, rising business costs, and increasing disenfranchisement.  With the exception of Specialist waitlists, all of these issues are shared with our primary care colleagues.


The inequities in remuneration between longitudinal primary care and alternative avenues of employment such as the hospitalist system and Urgent Primary Care Centres need correcting. We are encouraged by the gains announced on August 24 and congratulate Doctors of BC and government. Consultant Specialists of BC (cSBC) strongly supports our Primary Care colleagues in this effort.

While significant headway is being made for primary care, there does not appear to be tangible progress on the same issues affecting Specialist care. Consultant Specialists of BC continues to amplify Specialists’ concerns to Doctors of BC and our partner organizations, but now more than ever, Specialists must make their individual voices heard, especially with the Physician Master Agreement that governs us all being negotiated simultaneously. Please provide your feedback to Doctors of BC directly via [email protected], and copy us at [email protected] 


Doctors of BC (and cSBC) needs to hear:

  • Your feelings on how Specialist care issues are being addressed in the current negotiation, including those challenges shared with our Primary Care colleagues  
  • Examples of the daily challenges you are facing in providing care to your patients
  • Patient stories – if your patients will share them – about the challenges they are facing accessing Specialist care 


I would also ask you to forward this email to your colleagues who may not already be members of cSBC and encourage them to join. Your dues allow cSBC to continue advocating on your behalf. It is imperative that the Specialist voice remain strong.


Go to (login required). Scroll down to Consultant Specialists of BC, click on the + sign, check the box for regular $450; first-year practice/disabled/parental leave $225; OR student/resident/retired free. Click the JOIN SELECTED SECTIONS AND SOCIETIES button to pay. Thank you!


Not sure if you’ve joined this year? Drop our Executive Director a line to check.


Let’s keep working together to impact positive change for Specialists and ultimately the patients we serve. Thank you for your support. 


All the best, 


Dr Chris Hoag