Posted 2023/02/02 & filed under Updates.

 A new name for a new focus

John resetI am your new President, Dr John Falconer, a clinical neurologist from Kelowna specializing in stroke. I have served as head of the section of neurology for a number of years, and now am excited to take on the leadership of The Specialists of BC, formerly  the Society of Specialist Physicians and Surgeons (SSPS) of BC.

Our name is changing because our focus is changing. I will continue to advocate on economics, but I also want to work even more closely with all the specialty groups on their own needs and issues.

Although different specialists have different kinds of practices, we have one thing in common: We are all Specialists.

We need a place where our voice is clear and we feel represented. We need a place where specialists can share ideas, and help each other. We need a place where we can support patients, helping to provide access, services and the specialists they need. That place is The Specialists of BC.

I await your comments and questions, and look forward to working with and for you.

Will we get paid for second consultations?

Last fall, MSP unilaterally declared that only one kind of specialist could bill a consult within a 14-day period. If a cardiologist saw a patient and then referred to a cardiac electrophysiologist, only one cardiology consult could be billed. The Specialists of BC went to bat on behalf of all sections, and achieved recognition that sub-specialties exist, and that there are appropriate times for a second opinion from a colleague. This resolution alone will save many specialists thousands of dollars per year, and provide for the care our patients deserve.

Looking for commonalities in disparity funding allocation

The recent Physician’s Master Agreement (PMA) allows for $55 million to be distributed to specialists in an effort to reduce disparity between specialist sections within BC, and between BC specialists and their colleagues in other provinces. Working with the Doctors of BC economics department, The Specialists of BC has obtained extensive data sets to compare incomes of the different specialty sections within and outside BC. We will be creating an opportunity for sections to develop common submissions to the appointed arbitrator, Dr Stephen Toope. Stay tuned…

The Specialists Insider Billing Tip #1

The first in a series presented by The Specialists of BC on billing effectively for specialty care.

ear and eye

If you are consulted on a patient in the ICU, and you continue to follow them for more than two days in a week, did you know that you can bill for each day you are required to provide directive care?

  • Bill regular daily visits, as if you were MRP (even though you are not), and in the note record mention:
    • “Patient is in the ICU.”
  • You can now receive payment for up to seven days per week, not just two days per week for regular consultative follow up directive care.

If anyone else has a great tip idea, please let us know so we can share them!