Consultant Specialists of BC works for you


  • The Consultant Specialists of BC is the unifying organization representing all BC Specialist physicians.
  • Consultant Specialists of BC is an independent organization, separate from Doctors of BC (which includes all BC physicians), individual Specialty sections (tasked with representing Specialty-specific issues), and BC Family Doctors (the strong lobby organization of our family physician colleagues).
  • Consultant Specialists of BC is the only organization uniquely positioned to advocate on broad issues affecting Specialist care and provide the necessary counterbalance to the family physician perspective.
  • We represent Specialist physicians and surgeons on important Doctors of BC and government committees.
  • Consultant Specialists of BC creates awareness of the value medical, surgical and diagnostic Specialties provide.

By joining Consultant Specialists of BC, you will:

  • Ensure that Consultant Specialists of BC remains a viable organization to advocate on your behalf
  • Strengthen our advocacy efforts for fair compensation and optimal practice environments for specialists
  • Get help navigating the non-clinical aspects of practicing as a specialist
  • Learn about medicopolitical opportunities
  • Inform the future direction of healthcare, with Specialists as active participants

Council of Specialists

The Council of Specialists is made up of 32 specialty groups of physicians and surgeons. The Council meets quarterly to address economic and political interests of Specialists. As a member, you can get involved by representing your section at Council, or serving on a committee of the Consultant Specialists of BC or the Doctors of BC or government. We also hold an annual general meeting in conjunction with the April gathering.

Our President


Dr Chris Hoag is a urologist in North Vancouver, BC with a fellowship and practice focus in advanced minimally invasive urologic surgery. Dr Hoag is the section head for Urology and was the Urology representative to the Council of Specialists from 2018 to 2020 when he joined the Consultant Specialists of BC (CSBC) Executive Committee as Vice-President, becoming President in April 2021. 

Dr Hoag believes strongly that Specialists need the unifying voice and advocacy that Consultant Specialists of BC provides in order to represent the unique interests and challenges of Specialist practice to government and our partner organizations such as Doctors of BC, the Specialist Services Committee and BC Family Doctors.  He encourages Specialists to join (see green box to the right), engage and participate in Consultant Specialists of BC to work collaboratively for the betterment of our profession and patient care.  Whether it’s to say a quick hello, get involved, or ask a simple (or complex) question, please feel free to get in touch at  [email protected] or by clicking here to fill in our contact form.

Join the Consultant Specialists of BC now

If you’re already a Doctors of BC member: 

Tap the green Join now! box at right to get you to the Doctors of BC website. Once there enter your Doctors of BC ID number and password to login. Scroll down to Specialists of BC, hit the plus sign and check off the appropriate dues category, then tap the blue Join the Selected Sections and Societies box and hit Checkout to make a secure payment using your credit card.  


The Consultant Specialists of BC values the efforts of its Specialty groups and affiliated societies. We encourage you to visit them online: