HR Health Strategy

Statement from cSBC on HR Health Strategy announced September 29/22: We support a long-term health human resources strategy. We need one in order to solve the deep systemic and long-term problems in our health care system. The details of this proposal will require careful review and collaborative discussion between healthcare leaders and government to ensure an effective actionable plan.  However, this strategy does not solve the problems we are facing in a crumbling health care system today. We will continue to focus on advocating for the estimated one million patients waiting to see a Specialist. The letter we addressed to the Health Ministry and Minister Adrian Dix on September 21 started with 26 Specialists. This letter, which is now posted on the Consultant Specialists of BC website, has grown to 319 signatures, with more added every day. We continue to have concerns with our patients’ declining health, missed diagnoses and more, while waiting to see a specialist. Our goal is to meet with government in the near future to begin to solve some of these immediate issues in addition to working on long-term solutions ~ Dr Chris Hoag, then-President